Sci Fi

All things science-fiction. The good stuff, the bad stuff. The guilty pleasures and the highfalutin snobbery. We got your lasers. We got your spaceships. We got your sounds of plasma cannons slowly powering up. We got your genetically modified super-soldiers who were created by humans but then turned on their creators, pontificating the existential meaning of mortality as they battle the vampire overlord.
This cast must be getting blackmailed by Vladimir Putin. That's the only way they could go through with something this asinine.
Alex Lowe - 02/23/2018 3:23 PM
Oh, it's a fine life under the sea/except for the dickfish, those guys suck.
Jon Gold - 02/19/2018 7:20 PM
Marvel breaks barriers and delivers something completely different while satisfying our usual cravings, but raises many questions for its future.
Marquis De Sandwich - 02/17/2018 2:56 AM
Elon Musk tells Tony Stark to hold his beer.
Marquis De Sandwich - 02/07/2018 4:43 AM
Someone stole the concept-art from Blade Runner and scooped up some talent from the now-defunct House of Cards, but dammit, they did a pretty decent job with it all.
Alex Lowe - 02/05/2018 8:47 PM
Netflix’s Bright manages to take one of the most interesting premises for a fantasy story I’ve seen in years, and boils it down into a deeply average buddy cop piece.
Jon Gold - 01/31/2018 10:07 PM