Alex Lowe, Core Engineer

I was the only second-grader who knew that "laser" is an acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation". I was also the first in my class to be able to make the Vulcan "live long and prosper" hand-sign. By third grade, I was an expert at drawing mushroom clouds, and also highly respected in the making-lightsabers-out-of-broom-handles community.

After this auspicious start to my career, I went to school to study physics, and then I went to some more school to study journalism. Now I'm a programmer, indie game developer and all-around sci-fi fan. I spend my days working with javascript, PHP and Objective-C, and I also change lots of poopy diapers. My family and I live in Humboldt County, California where we have lots of beach bonfires, and occasionally tinker with the idea of starting a drum circle.

Posts from Alex:
Many strange creatures thrived in the un-monetized wild west of the 00s internet, and perhaps none so strange as the ecosystem of flash-based games. We salute one such, Coastal Cannon and its home on as anĀ Unironic Good Internet Thing.
Alex Lowe - 01/04/2019 10:20 PM
The beginning of the end of Game of Thrones is just a few short months away. How will it end? Let's look at how the "brothers" of Game of Thrones fared as they wrapped up.
Alex Lowe - 12/23/2018 6:00 PM
It's still possible for a truly crazy movie to get made. It does something that I haven't experienced in a long while, which is actually make me want to see it again and again. The film's humor and color don't seem to lower the stakes. And the humor is fantastic.
Alex Lowe - 08/15/2018 4:35 PM
A good movie by any measure, but holy cow, they really did just throw all of Luke Skywalker's amazing potential straight into the nearest Sarlacc/Rancor/detention-level garbage chute.
Alex Lowe - 07/26/2018 10:26 PM
You'll probably interact with a LAMP server next few minutes. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. It's one of the main weapons of the internet. Learn to set one up yourself.
Alex Lowe - 03/19/2018 6:41 PM
This cast must be getting blackmailed by Vladimir Putin. That's the only way they could go through with something this asinine.
Alex Lowe - 02/23/2018 3:23 PM
Part four: We make the barrels tumble and bounce with physics and obliterate them from memory at will.
Alex Lowe - 02/16/2018 7:40 AM
Outlets like CNN are being played like harps from hell to furnish Kim Jong-un with a crucial weapon: False Equivalence.
Alex Lowe - 02/14/2018 5:53 PM