Why Cores?

Ah, the Glowing Blue Core. Every spaceship needs one. You just can’t have any kind of serious interplanetary venture without some large glowing cylinder in the heart of a spacecraft, preferably with teams of engineers busily working at surrounding data consoles, silent and unhurried — yet industrious — saying things to each other like “stabilize auxiliary Wilberding condensate,” or “neutrino flux at optimum 4-symmetry.” And all the while the Glowing Blue Core issues an unearthly low hum, only hinting at the awesome forces swirling within.


Welcome to our blog about all things Core-related, including science-fiction, politics, programming, tech, gaming, and of course… cores. We’re opinionated, and not entirely fair. I was going to add something a little more redemptive to that, but I think it sums us up pretty well.